SGA president reviews his term

Lizette Chavez

Lizette Chavez, Reporter

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As elections for a new Student Government Association near, Matt Frazer’s term as SGA president will soon be coming to an end.

Frazer sat down and shared some of his experiences as well as some advice for any students interested in running and making a difference.

“It felt good to be nominated and it was a boost of confidence, it really showed me students wanted to see change,” he said.

Reminiscing about “his long week of campaigning” that eventually led to his win, Frazer touched his face and laughed as he recalled his reaction when he fully realized that he was the SGA president.

“Ah man, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it.”

At the beginning of his presidency, Frazer’s agenda was mainly focused on increasing student involvement, and improving ASL club and the Deaf community’s experience on campus, a community which Frazer believed held a positive impact in his win, and thanked in his acceptance speech.

“I couldn’t have done this without the ASL club and the Deaf community because they were a big advocate for me, and I really appreciate it,” he was reported saying.

One of the ways Frazer wanted to improve campus life was making sure that all students were being represented, as he felt that Bakersfield College holds a diverse population.

He did this by attempting to not only listen to everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and complaints but to solve them.

Frazer quickly realized though, that realistically it was not possible to appease everyone and had to come to terms with this.

“[People have] so many needs [and] you can’t help everybody,” he said.

Regardless of some of these realizations Frazer was glad of what was accomplished like the increased involvement with the students on campus events.

One of these events being the Halloween and Masquerade Ball, which had not only students in attendance but also friends and family as well as some of the Bakersfield community.

Working to make an event like this happen requires the participation of other SGA officers and like most groups, it can be hard to completely agree on matters or events all of the time.

Frazer had this to say about keeping harmony between officers and progressing in their work.

“We were elected to do something for the students, we know it’s not about us, at the end of the day [we] all [are] coming from a good place, a good heart, it’s all about respect. We all respect each other.”

As for whomever the new incoming SGA president turns out to be Frazer had a piece of advice. “Manage your time” he said with a laugh. “Enjoy it, have fun and participate.”

Frazer shared his conflicting emotions on his near parting, confessing that it was a lot of work and he would be both happy and sad to go.

He admitted that leaving his post would be “bittersweet” and that he loved it, but shared that he would mostly miss planning for events.

“Seeing people’s commitment . . . showing that it’s important to a lot of people . . . the experiences alone.”

Frazer may have only a few months left in office, but he plans to use his remaining time to keep improving student life and communication for students at BC before his departure.

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