Public safety issue email of bomb threat near campus

Mario Saldaña, Digital Content Editor

Christopher Counts, the director of department of public safety, issued out an e-mail of a false bomb threat located near the Bakersfield College at the GET bus stop north of the campus on March 17.

Around 11:35 a.m. public safety received a phone call from the GET bus dispatch center, informing them about an individual male attempting to board a bus, but was rejected from boarding due to him carrying what the driver described as a “large plastic tub.”

When the individual was rejected from boarding the bus, he told the driver that he was carrying a bomb.

Public safety officers and Bakersfield Police Department responded to the scene and detained the individual, while public safety officers made sure no one walked close to the scene.

PBD searched the item that was presumably a bomb and later revealed it was not a bomb. The police department are now investigating this incident.

Counts wants to remind anyone on campus whether be staff or students to be aware of anything suspicious or if you see any type of crimes being committed to call the office of public safety at (661) 395-4554.