Connecting BC, CSUB, and Taft College veterans

Miranda Defoor, Reporter

The current Veteran Program at Bakersfield College (BC) is being connected to Cal State Bakersfield (CSUB) and Taft College. The Veteran’s Club at BC is a resource for any veterans that are BC students. The aim is to provide information and assistance, along with creating a feeling of belonging for the veterans.

The services provided to veterans at BC include priority registration, a designated counselor, and access to the BC Veteran’s Lounge. In the Veteran’s Lounge, students have a place to study, use computers, access counseling, and referrals to other veteran’s services.

Taft and CSUB are also offering assistance to veterans on campus, though CSUB’s Veteran’s Success Center opened this year.

Both BC and Taft are trying to help veterans register for classes and transfer to CSUB. “We’re connecting the bridge [between BC and CSUB],” Armando Trujillo, Veterans Educational Adviser at BC, said.

After the CSU Bakersfield Blue and Gold Day on April 11, Trujillo said veterans looking to transfer had a chance to make contact. “[There are] students there who are peers,” he said about the veterans who have already made the transfer to CSUB.

Trujillo hopes having a connection between BC, Taft, and CSUB will create an easier pathway for veterans aiming to transfer.