CSUB provides onsite admissions for BC students who plan on transferring


Amy Sarmiento

A Bakersfield College Student gets their picture taken at CSUB’s photo booth once accepted to transfer for Fall 2019.

Amy Sarmiento, Reporter

Cal State Bakersfield offered students who applied for the Fall 2019 semester the chance to be admitted on the spot at Bakersfield College on Feb. 12.

This event allowed students to find out whether or not they would be accepted to the university if they brought all of the necessary documents.

Students were only asked to bring their official or unofficial transcripts from the college they attended and if applicable any additional test results from AP or CLEP.

The representatives from CSUB Admissions & Evaluations and Transfer were available to meet with students.

They reviewed the documents and let students know their status within 5 to 20 minutes.

The benefit of this was that students were able to find out if they were accepted ahead of time rather than by the usual announcement week in late March.

“The event was a massive success” said Marisa Marquez, transfer center director and counselor for Bakersfield College.

CSUB’s Transfer Student Success Coordinator Natasha Harris was also at the event and described the benefits and impact the event had.

“We had over 170 students in attendance with over 90% of them being admitted to the campus for the Fall 2019.  We also had a few students who were able to get assistance with completing the Cal State Apply Application for the Fall 2019 as well” said Harris.

Although a majority of students were admitted, there were a few students who were denied admission due to incompletion of the general requirements known as Golden Four core courses by Spring 2019.

“CSUB has two Transfer Specialists at the BC campus that can follow up with those students who were not quite ready to transfer to make sure they are on track to completing their general education and major prep” stated Harris.

After being admitted, students were given a checklist which consisted of the remaining items to submit in order to complete the admissions to the campus for the fall.

There was also a photo booth for newly admitted students to use and announce on social media they have been accepted.

“The photo booth provided an opportunity for us to recognize our transfer students and for them to celebrate their acceptance into CSUB… It gave transfer students an opportunity to share the news that they had been accepted into the university with their family, friends and social media.  Various students’ photos were posted on the CSUB Transfer Center social media account showcasing our students” said Harris.