Red Cross recreates shelter for community members

Jocelyn Sandusky, Reporter

The Red Cross presented the Shelter of Hope, a fully functional mock Red Cross shelter, on Oct. 5 at the Marketplace.

The event was meant to inform and show community members what services the Red Cross has to offer in case of an emergency. The shelter replica let people explore the space and its resources.

According to Nicole Maul, the regional communications manager, participants were offered the chance to stay overnight, meet with nurses, and learn about the food they serve.

In a press release before the event, the event was also meant to display emergency vehicles and equipment.

In the wake of the recent Ridgecrest earthquakes, the Red Cross wants families to be prepared for a disaster and educate themselves on what they can do to take an active role in protecting themselves.

If something drastic hits, there is a silver lining. The Red Cross will provide resources to minimize the effects of a devastating situation. Everything they offer will be one less thing to worry about at no cost to them.

The event and resources the Red Cross offers are made possible with donations and help from volunteers.