Greyhound faces transportation competition

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

The local Greyhound bus transportation service will soon face competition when it comes to transporting local passengers from the Bakersfield area to LAX.

Amtrak train company will soon be selling tickets to travel from Bakersfield to Los Angeles train station so passengers can get to Los Angeles. The service named National Railroad Passenger Corp. was approved on California’s Senate Bill 742 on Oct. 8. The program is subsidized by tax-payer dollars.

The appeal to ride Amtrak maybe the price, the times when trains will run, and the time it will take to get to LA. There are alternative transportation options to get to Los Angeles by driving, but for those who choose to not drive and avoid the nuisance of traffic trying to get to and from LA, take one of the local bus services that is offered.

The Greyhound busses travel at specific times and costs vary depending on the day travelled. Other bus travel services offer rides to LAX which impacts passengers headed to LAX by having to plan their trips around the times the bus run, but if they’re not able to do that then they face long wait times, plus the time spent on the bus to get home. This can be a hassle for some passengers to communicate when you arrive, and figure out where the bus arrives, and if they are on a deadline. The option to relax and not have to drive could make bus services appealing and worth the cost. The various services appeal to individuals and it is up to the customer to decide what transportation option that fits their needs.