Campus resources update on the coronavirus

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

BC’s president, Sonya Christian, held an online forum to discuss the school’s future of online classes for staff and students on March 17.  

Over 2,300 courses have changed to an online format with a total of 2,500 courses, which includes classes that were previously online. The BC Southwest campus is set for closure today President Christian said. This is for the safety of staff and students, but it is not to panic everyone 

There was a panel of faculty that gave their input and advice to professors doing online classes for the first time. The panel included Ashley Choate (biology professor), Josh Ottum (commercial music professor), Josh Lewis (math professor). The panel also included Steven Holmes (political science professor) and Todd Coston (technical director).  

They each discussed different ways that professors can get more involved with their students virtually. Choate recommended professors use social platforms such as Instagram because it’s fun for the students, and they are always on social media.  

“Utilize the technology department, and continue to use them for any online resources,” Holmes said. [Remember] don’t panic, show some patience with our students and enjoy.”  

Ottum and Lewis discussed different ways to utilize canvas and PowerPoint in order to make the work load lighter for both professors and students. Some of these tactics include setting up modules on canvas, making video quizzes on ED Puzzle, and using PowerPoint narrations.  

Although the campus is closed, there will still be counseling available online for every student. The writing center is also available through zoom just remember to add your full name, student ID, and the date and time for an appointment. If a student doesn’t have internet access, Spectrum Internet and Comcast are providing free internet access to students K-12 and those in college.  

There has been no confirmed answer as to how long BC will stay online, but faculty and staff are willing to continue to provide online resources for the safety of themselves and students.