Local first responders reacting to COVID-19

Collin Koch, Reporter

Even though the coronavirus has become the primary focus of the nation and the world, protection from other dangers such as fire, crime and medical emergencies is still needed throughout towns. First responders are now taking precautions when responding to emergencies.

On March 12, The Bakersfield Police Department announced that the department’s headquarters will be closed down, and all activities hosted by the agency through April 14 would be canceled or postponed, according to the City of Bakersfield website.

Bakersfield Police will also have residents step out of their house to talk to officers, and officers will wear gloves to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Hall Ambulance and the Bakersfield Fire Department have yet to announce what strategy they are implementing to protect those working for the company. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an article on March 10 stating that, “All Emergency Medical Services (EMS) would have to wear an N-95 or higher-level respirator or face mask, eye protection, and gloves.”

These rules apply to everyone when working to help citizens that have or possibly have the coronavirus.

As of March 24, there are 15 reported cases in Kern County according to the Public Health Department, while hundreds are still awaiting results. Public Health still urges people to stay home, while the CDC urges people to stay 6 feet away from others and frequently wash their hands to prevent more cases and flatten the curve of the COVID-19.