California State Senator joins the BC daily update

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

Bakersfield College held a virtual panel, with community and political leaders, to discuss the social and economic impact that COVID-19 will have on the community on April 20.  

The panel featured California state senator Shannon Grove, Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop, and Executive Director of Kern County Taxpayers Association Michael TurnipseedSenator Grove discussed the different ways that the state is helping the homeless community and those that are struggling during these times.  

“Locally, I’ve done everything from securing mask for the doctors in rural areas that aren’t getting the mask that they need. I’ve been boxing up food for the homeless, and we are working really well with city serve to provide food. We are feeding over 2500 families right now…that can’t make it to the food banks,” Grove said.  

There were areas that were set up throughout the town that can help house homeless people that are affected by COVID-19. Alsop described the social impacts that COVID-19 will have on the community. He discussed the reasoning as to why he declared a local emergency which were to control and stop the disease from further spreading.  

The declaration of a local emergency, on March 17, will stay in place until all or most of the disease is out of the county and state, all essential businesses will continue to be the only businesses open until further notice, and the social distancing order may still be in place with less extreme measures after the virus has been controlled.  

Due to business closures, the economy started failing. According to Turnipseed, we have reached a point past the recession period. In the month of March alone, the economy declined 30 percent nationwide. 

“The senate finance committee met, and we heard every expert say that this isn’t going to be short. It’ll take [the economy] about 2-3 years to recover,” Turnipseed said.  

The meeting ended abruptly due to a zoom bomb that depicted child pornography.  

Sonya Christian, BC president, sent out a statement after the incident that said, “At BC, our shared goal each day is to create a sacred and safe space of learning for our students, our colleagues, and our community. This offensive violation only strengthens our resolve and vigilance in defending this space.”