BC hosts President’s virtual seminar

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

The President’s All-Campus Virtual Seminar Series was hosted on Nov. 17 with Todd Coston, Kylie Campbell, Leo Ocampo, Sonya Christian, Krista Moreland, and Grace Comiso. The virtual seminar had a variety of speakers that presented valuable information.
Christian introduces the seminar with the many architectural improvements at the Bakersfield College campuses. She advises students to help with ideas to make the campus and community a better place with Bakersfield College and the students.
Campbell introduces herself and discusses her presentation about early college plans, growth, and improvements. She simplified the language and process for college enrollments. Early College is a program where 9th-grade students start their efficient process of enrolling for college classes to eventually graduate high school with college credits.
“Continuity of Success during the Covid-19 Pandemic is crucial; it was not fair for incoming college students to come in with no help, so we tried our best to guide them throughout the process. Workshops and virtual support were a success,” Campbell said.
Moreland transitions into a broad-based presentation of the process of examining everything these presidents do. The enrollment management committee makes it clear that they assist the campus wherever they can. The three main divisions for them are their Foundation, Approach, and Strategic Practices.
In response to Covid-19, Bakersfield College has been lenient with deadlines and have turned to monitor enrollment and free wifi in the Bakersfield College Campuses. The committee made it clear that they will support campus efforts to keep students on their educational paths; and mobilize the campus through discussion, data, and various strategies. BC’s framework is focused on adaptability and concern during the pandemic.
Ocampo, the program manager for BC presents registration and flexibility during the fall 2020 and spring 2021 upcoming semesters. He discusses the program maps with different semesters, classes, units, and majors. A new website was introduced called the 8+8 at Bakersfield College that will maintain current 8-week courses, increase numbers of the 8-week courses and new majors, faculty seminars, and new student orientations.
Comiso introduces her part of the presentation with Starfish and the Student Information Desk. It is focused on Research-Based Guided Pathways and Momentum Points.
As in 15+ units in the first term, attempt 30+ units in a year, complete transfer matches, and complete the 9 core pathway units. Statistics show the improvements with programs, dashboards, and the metrics just constantly go up. Opportunities are accessible such as funding for completion, Block Grants, and connecting students to resources.
Coston concludes the virtual presentation by complimenting and thanking all the presidents for their help and valuable information.