BC Introduces New Feature to KCCD Safety App.

Brisa Flores, Reporter

The Bakersfield College campus enforces health and safety protocols and has introduced a new feature to the KCCD App that is to be followed and used by those stepping onto campus.  

The Kern Community College District App has added a new feature to the app as a part of the campus’s safety protocols.  

 Cindy Collier, BC’s Interim Director at the student health and wellness center, states that the pass app feature is one of the tools used to help combat Covid. KCCD purchased the app from a company called Ready Education.  

 Collier says that the app is used by around 350-400 people daily, which is a mixture of both students and faculty. Students and faculty must use the app to complete a daily health screening, which asks the user a series of questions about their current state of health, possible exposures to the virus, or if they have been tested for Covid.  

As stated by the BC website, you must check your temperature before arriving on campus; if you do not have any signs of Covid symptoms, you will receive a green health pass through the app, which will allow you to step foot onto the campus.  

Collier says that students and faculty are asked to check into locations using the QR codes located outside of classrooms, offices, and tables. She states that the QR codes allow them to track traces in a more timely manner and notify people quickly of possible exposures.  

 Do not be worried about the app keeping tabs or tracing you; Collier states, “The app doesn’t track the user but rather people using the app control the tracking by logging into a location using the QR scanner.” 

 Alongside using the pass app to enter classrooms and other areas on campus, BC’s website says that everyone must wash their hands before entering and exiting the classroom. Face masks must not be removed and worn at all times until you are off-campus and inside your car. 

 The BC website has an app tutorial that takes you on a tour of the app and shows you where to complete your daily health screening and where to scan the QR codes. 

 The KCCD app is available on both the IOS app store and the Android/Google Play store for download; if you do not have access to either platform, you can access and complete the daily health pre-screening through a computer, as stated by BC’s site. 

 Collier is not sure if the app will stick around once the pandemic is over.