BC to present virtual Commencement ceremony for second year

Edward Alexander Heredia a fire technology major graduate class of 2021.

Amaya Lawton, News Editor

BC’s 2021 graduates will be recognized through a virtual commencement that will air on May 16 on KGET at 6 p.m.,  according to Nicky Damania, director of student life.

“[The] virtual event will feature remarks by special guests including BC’s president Dr. Sonya Christian and local leaders as well as recognizing each of the graduates who elected to participate by submitting the celebration form,” Damania stated. 

One of the graduates Edward Alexander Heredia, a Fire Technology major, shared that he has been at BC for two academic years starting in the fall of 2019. 

“Best memory of being at BC would probably be my freshman orientation scavenger hunt,” Heredia shared. “ [Also] getting employed through BC as a Public Safety Student cadet [and] getting to hear other students’ stories and goals.” 

Heredia also explained how transitioning to an online format was the biggest challenge of going to school during a pandemic. 

“What pushed me to keep going even through the pandemic was recalling all the times people would say to me how they don’t believe I look like the person to have a profession in public safety,” he explained. 

Another 2021 graduate, Tizoc Valdez Lopez, a sociology major, also shared his past experiences at BC. Lopez explained that his best memory at BC was getting to meet his sociology professor, David Riess,  his first semester at BC. 

“My professor was so down to earth, cool, and funny. I really learned in that class,” Lopez said. 

He graduated from Arvin high school and started at BC in the fall of 2019. Lopez shared a similar struggle to Heredia when dealing with online school. 

“I learn better when I have a teacher in person rather than through a screen,” Lopez said.

Both plan on continuing on their career path either through training and/or continuing their education.

“There will be no physical event on May 16,” according to Damania. “The event is both televised and will be live-streamed online.” However, “Renegades graduates of both the class of 2020 and 2021 will have the option to participate in a future in-person Commencement ceremony,” Damania stated. There are no further details or dates to when the in-person graduation will occur.