BC enrollment numbers down

Erami Dominguez, Reporter

Enrollment numbers at Bakersfield College for the fall semester are low. Professor Nick Strobel, president of the Academic Senate, stated that “enrollment is down 10% from the same time point in Fall 2020.”

Strobel listed the missing aspects that will occur later in the semester: dual enrollment of high school students, people in the inmate scholars’ program, and the start of 8-week and 12-week courses. 

He added that importance lies in the retention of student enrollment; helping students to complete their classes and enroll for more the next semester.

It is a slow start back on campus at BC. 

Students’ priorities may have shifted, causing them to rethink their education plan. Alan Rodriguez graduated high school in June 2021. He said of his graduation ceremony: “… reality steps in [at] that very moment… I didn’t even have time to think things through because I worked a nine-to-five the next day.”

Rodriguez decided to postpone registering to work and help his mother support the household. He plans to attend the open registration for Spring 2022 on Nov. 11, 2021.

Jazmin Raynoso graduated in 2020 and is enrolled. She took two summer classes last year while working full time and is currently registered for the semester.

 “I’m failing badly! It’s difficult to keep up. As of now I feel the need to take the rest of this semester off and start the next one stronger,” she said.

According to stats from President Dadabhoy’s report to the Board of Trustees: there are 794 face-to-face sections; 2,359 including hybrid and zoom sections.

BC is taking actions to improve enrollment numbers. This includes sending targeted text messages to enrolled students to let them know about late-start, eight-week classes that would begin later in October.