Bakersfield College to Host Annual KCHCC Energy & Ag Academy

Eduardo Martinez, Reporter

Bakersfield College will host the Annual KCHCC Energy & AG Academy with sessions from Sept. 30 through Dec. 2. Application forms for joining are due by 5 p.m. on Sept. 12.
Chevron, KCHCC, and other partners are looking for eligible high school students and students enrolled at Bakersfield College, Taft College, CSU Bakersfield, and CSU Fresno who are interested in the energy and agriculture sectors to participate.
The academy will introduce participants to local professionals and experts in the Energy and Ag industries, financial scholarships, field trips to Energy and Ag facilities, leadership opportunities, and other features from the industries.
Kern Community College District has partnered with Energy and Ag sector group leaders and has worked alongside them to secure funding for energy focused programs and to ensure the transition to renewable energy and net zero carbon emissions in the San Joaquin Valley.

Kern Community College District is positioned to establish the California Renewable Energy Laboratory (CREL) with centers of excellence focused on three areas: Carbon Management, Clean Energy & Grid Resilience, and Clean Transportation.

Multiple leaders have been proven to be proud for the opportunities that KCHCC Energy Ag Academy will provide to students. “With their support, these selected students are given a priceless opportunity to learn directly from local employers and industry leaders about various careers and industry needs,” President of the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Jay Tamsi said in a statement.

As well, several other officials are opportunistic of how these partnerships will help Kern be recognized as an energy leader. “It has now expanded to be an Energy and Agriculture program with tremendous value as Kern is increasingly recognized as a national leader for energy resilience,” Kern Community College District Chancellor Dr. Sonya Christian said in a press release. This year academy will provide opportunities not only to students who are interested in the Energy and Agriculture sectors but to Kern County as a whole.