BC hosts inaugural Promenade


Blake Burton

One of BC’s Jazz combo groups plays to entertain at BC’s inaugural Promenade event on Oct. 15.

Blake Burton, Reporter

Bakersfield College hosted its first Renegade Promenade Event on Oct. 15 on the quad next to the cafeteria. This was an interactive event  that featured booths from campus groups and many area vendors spread out through the BC campus.

There were students, alumni and community members  from all over Bakersfield and booths from different companies such as GBLA (Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance) and Amazon. The Rip spoke to the event coordinator as well as the workers from different booths.

three red canopied booths along a walkway on Bakersfield College campus
Rows of booths wound around the new campus center on Oct. 15 for BC’s inaugural Promenade. (Blake Burton)

The students and faculty at this event were treated to music, courtesy of BC’s jazz combos, drumline and choir, which performed at various points throughout the day. The event also had a lot of booths with giveaways such as bags, pens, and stickers.

Courtney Carter, alumni and donor relations coordinator at BC, stated that this event was the brainchild of the alumni. She said that the Bakersfield College Alumni Association wanted to get people back on campus after the COVID-19 pandemic, so they can see how funds from Measure J have transformed the campus while bringing community members out to campus.

BC’s Rodeo team was there and  stated that they were a new club and looking for new people to sign up and were also there to sell hats to fundraise for different rodeo travels.

person throwing rope over fake cow on grass
A member of BC’s Rodeo Club gives a roping demonstration at Promenade on Oct. 15. (Blake Burton )

The Agriculture Club was also there, connecting with students to let them know the different opportunities and internships they have within the club.

The student health booth shared knowledge about the health services on campus and featured a mask decoration contest.

GBLA (Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance) wanted to share knowledge about their legal firm and how it can help students and the community. They also stated they had internships and volunteer opportunities.

Amazon recruiters provided information about their company such as how it helps pay for higher education.

EOPS was out and had a booth and wanted to share some of the things they had to offer and how they wanted to help their students to get to the next step in their lives.

The BC Transfer booth was there to promote the finish in four program to help students to get closer to attaining their career goals.