“Noises Off” the chaotic farce plays at BC

Eduardo Martinez, Opinion Editor

“Noises Off,” a comedic farce written by Michael Frayn and directed by BC professor Cody Ganger, plays March 2-5 at the Edward Simonsen Indoor Theatre. Admission to the play costs $12 for general admission and $8 for students, staff and seniors.

In an interview with Granger, he describes the plot surrounding a company of actors doing a play in which disaster repeatedly strikes. Ganger stated, “The first act is a disastrous final rehearsal, the second act involves the backstage drama during a mid-tour performance, and the third act shows the final performance of their tour, where everything that could possibly go wrong does.”

In a description of the play Granger describes it as one of the funniest and difficult plays to produce with it being physical, slapstick and fast paced. Preparation for the play was like orchestrating control chaos as Granger states often requiring constant rehearsal for staging and choreography to make the play look spontaneous and natural with actors rehearing 4 hours for 4 nights a week. The actors’ preparation for the play includes working with accents as the play-within-the-play is British, requiring that the American and British accent seamlessly.

One of the most difficult issues during preparation Ganger explained was prop issues specifically with a plate of sardines surrounding where they will go, which were loose, making them the right consistency and where they will end up. Another issue was the set being a two-story interior, with walls that open, close and fully rotate. Ganger said that it was intense for both the technicians to construct and actors to rehearse.

Ganger has stated that there are instances that are sexually inappropriate. One actress is in her underwear for most of the play, many actors kiss each other or caught in sexually suggestive positions. However, in preparation for these scenes Granger has said that the cast will be following practices for intimacy onstage “they check in as a group about consent and boundaries and are always in communication with me and each other about things that might seem awkward but are necessary in order to make the show work and keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable.”

"Noises Off" flyer listing writer and director, cost of admission and play dates.
“Noises Off” flyer listing writer and director, cost of admission and play dates. (File Photo)