COLUMNGovernment needs to deliver swift justice

Ty Hardin

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From a bathroom on Flight 77, Barbara Olson calls her husband on her cell phone while terrorists are flying the hijacked jet toward the Pentagon. According to CNN, she gives her husband a plethora of information about the hijacking before her plane crashes into the Pentagon, killing everybody on board. She took a late flight, Flight 77, to have breakfast with her husband.

This is one of many sad stories coming from the plane terrorist attacks. There is another of a man who worked in the former World Trade Center. He was evacuating when a voice came over the loud speaker telling him to go back to work. His wife, who worked on the floor they were told to evacuate to, waved goodbye just as the second jet hit. The floor collapsed and he barely escaped the building.

When he spoke with Fox News Channel, he still had not heard from his wife. The second building collapsed shortly afterward.

America needs to take action against this horrific practice. Terrorists are fearless because they have nothing to be scared about.

They march into crowded malls in the Mideast with bombs strapped to their torsos and set them off. America needs to inflict the same fear into their blackened hearts as they did to us.

“This is an act of war and America should retaliate,” former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger told Fox News Channel. Millions of Americans share his feelings and believe the war should be brought to the terrorists. We cannot have this bloodshed in our cities. This is America, and we have not had a war on this soil in almost 150 years, and we are not about to have one now.

American intelligence had known of a threat made by Osama Bin Laden over three weeks ago. He told an Arab newspaper that there would be a major attack on a U.S. city soon. Sen. John Warner, R-Va., called this “another Pearl Harbor.”

The involvement of the Palestinians in this attack is not clear at this point, but their celebration at our tragedy is a rather large clue. America is known as “The Great Satan” to Palestinians and they are pro-mised paradise in the afterlife if they launch an attack against us.

Although Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat sent his condolences and claimed no responsibility, one only needs to turn on the news and see the streets of Israel filled with cheering citizens, all flying the Palestinian flag, to draw a connection to our tragedy.

There should not be a breath of hesitation by our government to attack. America should strike swiftly and powerfully. America should bring the war to the terrorists’ homes. Our government needs to find these terrorists, the people harboring them, and anybody at all aiding these monsters and exterminate them with our military might. America is the strongest foothold of freedom in the world and we must protect that title.

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