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Letter to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2001

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Muslims saddened, fearful of backlash by public
These horrendous actions contradict the beliefs of the Islamic religion.

The Muslim Student Association of Bakersfield College deeply regrets the terrorist and extremist acts against Americans by alleged Muslim or Islamic terrorist/extremists.

It saddens us greatly that innocent lives were lost.

But we, American Muslims don’t support these terrorists or these extreme actions. We pray for the victims and their families.

We hope the American population doesn’t blame us or associate us with these people, no matter what they call themselves.

Our Emam of the M.S.A., Khalif Ishan Abdullah from King Fahad Mosque, says Allah, Holy Qor’an and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), never will support Muslim killing of innocent people for what ever reasons.

Maybe they are trying to use misinterpretations of certain verses in the Holy Qor’an to justify their actions.

In fact, Allah says in his Holy Qor’an, Ch. 2:190 that “fight (self-defense) in the cause (righteousness) of Allah with those (soldier to soldier) who fight with you. But do not transgress (kill innocent people) limits (Prophet Mohammed gave the limits for combat: Only a soldier is your enemy; you can’t kill his family, his livestock or his property; none of these can be harmed); For Allah will never love the (anybody) transgressors (of extremism/terrorism).”

The Emam, Ishan Abdullah says this verse proves you cannot use the Holy Qor’an and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) to justify any aggression, transgression, terrorism, extremism and killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

Furthermore, without doubt, some of the families and victims are American Muslims.

We comprise approximately seven million people of the United States population.

I repeat this catastrophic crime doesn’t follow or have sanction from the teachings of Al Islam in the Holy Qor’an and the Sonnah (i.e. legal actions, teachings and consent of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed Ibn Abdullah.

Prayers and peace upon him. Nevertheless, in the teachings of the religion of Islam, there is no justification for extremism and terrorism of any form or fashion.

I regret to report that a couple of immigrant Muslim sisters were verbally attacked on Tuesday morning, as if they had something to do with this evil event.

I ask the general student body of BC to not stereotype immigrant Muslims with the alleged foreign image of possible extremists and terrorists nor any other Muslim for that matter.

We American Muslims are just as hurt and upset as all other Americans, and the worldwide sane, and right-minded people.

Walaa A. Rasheed
President, Muslim Student Association of Bakersfield College

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Letter to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2001