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CON: STEM CELL RESEARCHBush leaves both sides empty-handed

Ty Hardin

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President George W. Bush ran headlong into stem cell research and came up with a decision that rides both sides of the issue, leaving opponents and proponents with a compromised feeling inside.

Bush’s decision dashed hopes on both sides of the stem cell fence while dangling the potential to sway either way over their heads. This political move not only makes politicians look more like the stereotype they are perceived to be, but prevents either side from claiming a victory.

Researchers are unhappy that their research has been limited to existing stem cell lines without the possibility of creating any more under the umbrella of federal funding.

This creates a void in stem cell research where there might have been some progress. The limitations set forth by the president have, in effect, shrunken the availability of stem cells for research and narrowed the scope of the research.

Stem cell opponents feel that the president’s decision undermines basic human principles and turns life into a commodity. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called his decision “morally unacceptable” as quoted in Time Magazine. Pro-lifers are angry that Bush, who campaigned pro-life, has gone against his word to not allow federal funding for any research that calls for the destruction of human embryos.

This also creates a foothold for those who would call the president a hypocrite for making this decision after discontinuing federal funding for abortion clinics outside of the United States.

His move to cut off funding for one pro-choice facet yet facilitate funding for another within the United States makes the president appear as though he is trying to rally voters on both sides of the unborn child issue.

While federal funding is restricted by Bush’s guidelines, it does not close doors to private funding. Money bag supporters such as Christopher Reeves, Michael J. Fox, and Mary Tyler Moore, can provide funding for programs that do not fall under the current guidelines of stem cell research.

Bush’s fence riding undermines his position as the leader of the United States because it removes his spine.

Our president does not need to be one who makes decisions to gather voters.

Our president needs to be someone who makes tough decisions because they need to be made.

Deciding to run with both sides of an issue so serious as stem cell research makes Bush look like a flake, pushes researchers to work with very limited resources and leaves stem cell opponents with a betrayed feeling inside.

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CON: STEM CELL RESEARCHBush leaves both sides empty-handed