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Jarrod M. Graham

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Books. Those handy little tomes of information popularized by Gutenberg’s printing press.

As college students, we all need them. But for some, they aren’t easily obtained.

Every four months when a new semester rolls around, we students are faced with a plethora of new classes requiring new textbooks, and those often don’t come cheap, sometimes going for as much as $70 to $80 a pop.

With the $150-plus tuition fees that many of us have to pay, that’s almost enough to force you to sell your firstborn child into slavery or sign away your soul to the devil just to get that U.S. history book or the textbook and three novels you need for English 1A rather than work another six months at McDonald’s scrounging for every little penny.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for your textbook purchases, The Rip may be able to help.

We have launched a new feature on the Web site called the Bookseller.

Developed with the monetarily challenged college student in mind, the Bookseller is a special section on our site where we will post ads for used textbooks, sort of like what you might see on the bulletin boards around campus, but in one easy-to-locate area.

And the best part is that we’re offering this as a free service to the students of Bakersfield College.

To post your free ad, all you have to do is register and log in. Then, submit your book information through our Letters to the Editor section.

Be sure to include the full title of the book, the course that the book is from, the price you want for it, your name and a telephone number or e-mail address so that interested buyers can contact you. Please include “Bookseller” in the subject line.

In the future, The Rip hopes to provide additional useful features, like the Bookseller, to the students through the online edition, but we can only do that if you tell us what you want.

We encourage you to e-mail any comments or suggestions for other features you’d like to see to [email protected].

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FROM THE ONLINE EDITORSell books online at The Rip