OPINION: It’s time for United Nations to take down Saddam

Jarrod M. Graham

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The United Nations must act against Iraq before Saddam Hussein launches an attack using weapons of mass destruction.

On Monday, countries on both sides of the issue offered proposals to the U.N. Security Council. On the side of war, the United States, Britain and Spain called for military action against Saddam’s government, while France, Germany and Russia proposed a plan to continue inspections, along with a step-by-step process to disarm Iraq, an Associated Press report said.

French President Jacques Chirac calls this “the logic of peace,” the AP said, but where is the logic in allowing a tyrant like Saddam to go unchecked? While the United Nations debates what to do about Iraq, Saddam’s forces are in the process of hiding the weapons they do possess, possibly even massing them to launch an attack against the West.

We should know better than to trust Saddam. During previous rounds of inspections, he has led weapons inspectors on wild goose chases before eventually barring them from his country. Why was he so reluctant to give them free rein in the past if he had nothing to hide? It’s clear that he’s been up to no good, and considering what a nice guy he is, what with rigging the elections so he’s guaranteed to win and committing acts of genocide against his own people, it’s doubtful he has seen the light and decided to disarm.

President Bush says the United Nations must accept the resolution proposing war to prove that it is “relevant.”

“Is it going to be a body that means what it says?” he said in the AP report. “We certainly hope so.”

The United Nations must take down Saddam. If it doesn’t and Iraq strikes, we won’t need to worry about anything being revelant at all if the world is reduced to ashes.

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