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PRO: Is the recall the answer to state problems?

Jennifer Mills

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California is a burning building ready to fall.

With $38 billion in the hole, it has a deficit larger than the entire debt of 42 states collectively, said the July 2003 edition of Newsweek. This economic crisis is partially a result of budget overspending by California Gov. Gray Davis.

Republicans and Democrats alike have a chance to come together and stop the destruction of California, by voting yes on the recall.

“It’s not a question of whether we should recall Gray Davis, it’s an issue of how long we can afford to wait,” states, “All the while watching California slide further into the abyss.”

Although the California power crisis played a part in the deficit, most of it was a direct result of overspending. According to Newsweek, Davis promised to save money when we had a surplus in the dot-com boom, but instead, spent more than the state had. He also did not admit to knowing the true size of the deficit when he ran and won re-election in 2002.

“It’s not that the people of California are undertaxed, it’s that the politicians have overspent,” said Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Davis’ spending spree should be reason alone to elect a new governor. Surely almost anyone could do a better job with the budget, even a Republican actor married to a Kennedy. Yet the story does not stop here. Davis continues to kill the economy with taxation and bad politics, such as the car registration fee hike.

Although Davis stated that education was his first, second and third priority in his first reign as governor, educational institutions like Bakersfield College also are suffering from Davis’ misuse of state funds. raises questions over how campaign contributions affected some decisions made by the Davis’ administration, such as allowing cancer causing dioxin to be dumped into waterways.

Some oppose the recall because of the amount of money the special election will cost voters. But the price of the recall is a small price to pay considering the billions our current governor already has cost taxpayers.

What kind of state would California be if we let Davis continue to run it into the mud? His second chance began when voters threatened to recall him, and his way of fixing the problem is to let Californians get tired of the 135-candidate circus.

“California has lost the ability to govern itself and is in need of cataclysmic political renovation. The state’s sulfurous civic life makes the last days of Rome look serene,” stated Newsweek.

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PRO: Is the recall the answer to state problems?