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Domestic partners deserve respect

Elizabeth Whitcomb

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I am having a hard time understanding why people can accept so many things but refuse to accept gays and their right to marriage.

For the past three years my parental figure has been a gay man who has been with his partner for more than 20 years. I personally see no wrongs in his sexual preference or the way he chooses to live his life. He is one of the most admirable and respectable men I know. He cared enough to take care of me when my mom gave me up, even though he knew nothing about being a parent.

He is openly gay and proud of who he is. He’d never harm or pass judgment on anyone, and all he asks for in return is to be accepted for who he is. But that seems to be a problem for a lot of people.

In high school I had a number of people gossip about me for having a “queer” for a dad I just took it as people being ignorant.

So many things that are considered “wrong,” “immoral” and “ungodly” are legal in this world. Laws are passed and exceptions are made, except when it comes to homosexuals and marriage. I think that the government should stay out of the bedroom and stick to fixing their own faults and wrongs.

We’ve come so far as a society you’d think people could get over themselves and forget about their prejudices.

New legislation in California gives gay partners many of the same rights found in heterosexual marriages, but until gays can legally marry, judgment will continue, I just hope that one day America can live up to its name as the “land of the free.”

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Domestic partners deserve respect