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Prop 85 wrong choice for young girls

G Vega

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Women’s rights are always at the mercy of the government. This time it’s about teenage girls’ rights. Proposition 85 is out to have the government think what’s best for teenage girls instead of making their own choice for their body and life.
Imagine the terror it would be for a teenage girl who has an abusive parent and now has to tell that parent about a pregnancy and wanting an abortion. This would put the girl in more danger than being able to do it on her own at a center where they would help her. I do not understand how the government finds that this would be logical.
Proposition 85 does allow the teenager to go to court to try to get the parent approval waived. But there are all kinds of things wrong with that. The people who dreamt up this must have never entered a court house. This would cost a lot of time and a lot of taxpayer money that does not need to be spent on such a thing.
Other states have found that laws like Proposition 85 reduces abortions done within the state but raises abortions out of the state.
People argue that girls would avoid getting pregnant if this law passed; I do not believe that girls can avoid being raped or abused.
There is also the idea that this would save health care money because abortions under Medi-Cal would be reduced. It would cost more because more teenage girls would be having babies and to deliver all the care needed during the pregnancy would cost a lot more to fund.
But, my biggest point isn’t about all the money that would be wasted if this proposition was passed; it’s about the choice and safety for teenage girls.
Teenage girls who do not tell their parents or guardian about having an abortion are doing it for a reason.
They know they may be abused or even disowned by their parents if they found out.
Just because a girl is a minor doesn’t mean she doesn’t have rights, and this doesn’t mean most girls don’t know how to think for themselves.
The government wants to control their choices because they think they can’t do it on their own. Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization that helps young girls with these difficult choices. This is why they were made and why they are still around.
If a parent does not want their daughter to have to face the choice of having an abortion, then they need to teach them about birth control (which is provided by Planned Parenthood for free) and sexual responsibility.
It comes as no surprise that men are the ones making these propositions and backing them up.
No government or man should be able to tell a woman what choices she can and can’t make.
Propositions against abortions I think are mixing religion with government.
Most of the people who are against Proposition 85 are against it because of their religious beliefs.
The government needs to stop taking away women’s rights, no matter what age they are.

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Prop 85 wrong choice for young girls