Resolutions: Helpful or harmful?

Maryann Kopp

Some may consider making New Year’s resolutions a complete waste of time, while others may consider it to be a necessary means for ensuring that the upcoming year will somehow surpass the last.

I believe that it is all just a blatant matter of personal preference, and thus I can’t really take one side over another. In other words, I believe that resolutions are what you make (or don’t make) of them.

There are a few different pros I could list toward making a resolution.

First off, if someone is choosing to somehow improve themselves and/or the environment in which they live, then I can’t think of a reason why this could be anything but positive.

I also know that there are certain companies that somewhat depend on people making New Year’s resolutions (Jenny Craig, 24 Hour Fitness, the guys who bring you Nicorette Gum, etc.).

We are all familiar with the typical New Year’s sales or specials that almost bombard the public with deals to help you lose extra pounds or for assistance in overcoming a bad habit or for even just buying new furniture. In this way, as odd as it may sound, resolutions help to fuel our economy.

Just as resolutions can help you become a better person, they can also do the opposite for you during the rest of the year. Why does it take the coming of a new year to make you want to change?

In this light, resolutions almost promote laziness and transparency. I also think it is important to consider who is making the resolution, and which resolution they are choosing to make.

There are also people who just don’t know what is good for them. We all know at least one person like this: the girl who weighs a whole 80 pounds decides she needs to drop an additional 10, or someone who has no sense of personal space or hygiene resolves to randomly give more hugs to strangers with grumpy faces.

Now, if you’re walking around with a grumpy face, chances are having some stinky, random guy squeezing on you is the last thing you want to happen.

What may seem like a positive change to one person may be the complete opposite to another. It may appear that I may have found more bad than good, but I would like to point out that I think the pros far outweigh the cons. I, personally, don’t typically make resolutions, but for 2007 I decided that I would resolve to wear pajamas more.

I am proud to say that I have stuck to this resolution, and feel that my life has improved as a direct result.

Resolutions or not, I hope that 2007 treats us all well.