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Women need to rethink their place

Lily Fahel

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First they want to drive, then they want to vote, now they want to run for president! As influential as the past and the current female political figures may be, I have to say I’m a bit concerned with the possibility of a woman becoming the next president of the United States.

Women are climbing up the political ladder quite rapidly these days. After all, it is the 21st century and female politicians like Sen.Hillary Rodham-Clinton have staked their claim in politics proving that women not only stand behind great men but they can be just as great themselves. Let’s face it, the little ladies aren’t just baking cookies and attending PTA meetings anymore, they’re wanting to play with the big dogs now.

Although in 2003 she had told CNN she had no intention of running for president, it seems Hillary has changed her mind. This past January, Hillary announced that she’s “in to win” and has already begun raising funds for her campaign. Should Hillary win, she would be the first female president of the United States.

I think a position as sensitive and crucial as president of the United States should be maintained by a man. At the risk of coming across backward or closed-minded, I have to look at the factors which may possibly disturb the leadership of this great country.

Let us keep the scientific facts in mind here. The bottom line is that women are naturally emotional beings. As tough as Hillary may seem, I’m almost willing to bet she still goes through those hormonal spells where one minute everything’s just peachy and the next she’s balling her eyes out for no apparent reason.

Men are just more capable of separating their emotions from their work. I’m not saying that women are irresponsible, quite the contrary, but women’s emotions tend to override their logic and reasoning. Men tend to be more balanced than women. This country needs consistency, rationality, a figure who portrays protection. I just don’t see this country hiding behind the skirts of a menopausal woman.

There’s got to be a limit here somewhere. Napolean said, “Behind every great man stands a woman,” except all I see lately are women shadowing over men.

While these women are busy taking on men’s roles and positions, who’s going to be raising our future presidents?

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Women need to rethink their place