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Baldwin’s comment provoked by man abuse

Lily Fahel

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I was observing all the fuss over the Alec Baldwin voice message that he left for his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, calling her a “rude thoughtless little pig.”
Hearing the frustration in Baldwin’s voice made me suspect that even though he was the one doing the yelling, he is the victim in this situation.
I’m always hearing about women being emotionally, verbally, and physically abused, how they’re neglected by their partners, etc. At the risk of sounding like a male advocate here, what about the men who suffer at the hands of women?
I truly believe that Baldwin was the victim in this particular circumstance.
He made sure to always take the time out of his busy schedule and commit to making the appointed phone calls to his child and yet she was neglecting to answer his calls. Does anyone else think that maybe her mother encouraged this behavior in an attempt to frustrate Baldwin and get him to do precisely what he did? Who else would have released the voicemail?
It makes me sick how women use their sex and their children as tools to get what they want in situations such as this. I’ve seen it done over and over. Nobody takes the time to think about the men who are truly innocent and have been massacred by these women. I’ve heard several divorce attorneys call the state of California “the woman’s state,” meaning women get a lot of slack here.
Last week in the newsroom one of my fellow staff writers was telling me about a woman who was raped and actually helped her rapist get her tight jeans off.
How often does that happen? I’m thinking she may just be a scorned girlfriend accusing this man of raping her.
There are a lot of viscious and malicious women out there who would do anything to get their revenge or perhaps their cut in what is almost always a messy divorce or breakup.
I am certainly not disregarding the many women who truly are being victimized and done wrong, but let’s face it. A lot of women just take on the role of the victim.
There is an insane number of men who deal with obsessive, controlling, temperamental, verbally and physically abusive women and nobody even takes a second glance when they see that. Once anyone hears a guy merely criticize the smallest thing about his girlfriend suddenly he’s a jerk and has abusive tendencies. What a crock.
If you ask me, women are much harsher than they appear to be. Just because they are referred to as the “fairer sex” doesn’t necessarily mean they really are the fairer sex. In fact, they can be pretty brutal and very unfair.
What I’d like to see is an alliance for domestically abused men. Where should these men go who have been torn apart in court, lied about, had their reputations ruined, their children brainwashed against them, more than half of their possessions simply awarded to the other party? I’ve yet to see a support group for these poor men.
What really peeves me is that this Alliance Against Family Violence only takes in women who claim to be abused or in grave danger.
Why use the word “Family” if they don’t take in men? Just change it to Alliance For Women Who Hate Men And Want To See Them Suffer. I’m thinking that would apply much better.
This alliance takes these women in basically on just their word and they appoint an attorney to fight for custody of the children if there should be any. Nine times out of ten they will win the custody battle, and I’m pretty sure it’s based on the fact that these women sought refuge at this women’s shelter.
I could waltz in there any time of day and say “pssst, my husband beats the hell out of me,” show no bruises or scars or anything and they are so ready to oblige.
They don’t even stop to think if I’m just some crazy bi-polar lady who’s seeking attention from just about anyone who’s willing to let me act the part of the victim.
Bottom line: It makes me sick to my core at how much women get away with if they just shed a few crocodile tears and fake faint before an audience. It’s truly a shame.

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Baldwin’s comment provoked by man abuse