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Disneyland: More magical characters

Crystal Roberts

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Disneyland is better than Six Flags. There are many differences between the two amusement parks, but Disneyland is simply the better theme park.
For one, Disneyland is a place where people of all ages can go and have fun. It’s reminiscent of childhood and the days that were innocent and fun. Disneyland has all the characters that people grew up with, so it feels like a familiar place to be.
Six Flags has the giant roller coasters, end of story. It’s not a place that people of all ages can go. Not only can a two-year-old enjoy Disneyland, but it can also be enjoyed as well by the oldest person who feels young at heart.
It is a place where families can go and couples as well. Could you imagine getting on an extreme coaster at Six Flags and looking at your beau?
Not happening!
At Six Flags, there are hardly any entertainment shows of things people are familiar with. Besides looking at animals and a basic firework show, there really isn’t much of anything going on.
Disneyland’s firework show involves Disney characters with music playing from favorite Disney movies. There are always entertainment shows being performed, and there are even virtual reality rides that double as shows as well.
Disneyland is a place where you constantly say, “Look! Look!” Furthermore, you are fascinated with new and exciting things.
Six Flags boasts that it has coasters to give you thrills, but Disneyland has thrill rides, too! Most of the rides aren’t as extreme as the ones in Six Flags, but they also provide the senses with thrills and excitements because they provide entertainment. For example, there is the roller coaster Space Mountain, located in Tomorrow Land. This coaster functions in the dark, and with special light and audio effects, you feel you are in another place.
Disneyland is all about making you feel as if you’re somewhere else. Even the people who work there always stay in character and make you believe you are not at just another theme park. Six Flags doesn’t offer this. You feel you are at Six Flags when you’re at Six Flags. The people who work there are regular Joes who aren’t in any particular character at all.
A Six Flags fan may argue that Disneyland is expensive and overpriced, but think about it: You get an all day pass to shows, rides, music performers, and childhood friends. There isn’t a coaster in the world that can beat that.

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Disneyland: More magical characters