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Celebrity scandals put before real world issues in time of turmoil

Kamyelle Powell

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Celebrity news isn’t something new to American society. We live, breathe and eat gossip up like nobody’s business.

The problem, though, with this sweet temptation is that it distracts us from some of the real issues that we are facing as a country.

I will be the first to tell you that I love nothing more than tearing through the pages of a new People Magazine just like any other person, but that’s not all the news information I read, either.

This obsession is like a double-edged sword; it has its ups and downs like every other media source.

The same goes for other news sources, too, whether it be celebrity news or world news.

We need an even balance between the two.

If celebrity news is all you read about, then that’s just as bad as if all you read about is world news.

Maybe if we did put down the gossip mags for a while, we would be a little more intelligent and savvy about what’s going on in the world.

On the other hand, though, after a while we would all be dull individuals.

Plus a lot of people would be out of work on that note, too.

Celebrity news is just something we built up as a culture, but that’s also true on any part of the Earth from the United States to Japan.

Of course, it is more entertaining than picking up the local newspaper and just reading that because some of the stuff is dull and lifeless. But what you also face with celebrity news is whether it’s real or just made up.

There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that the newspapers are not made up.

So, yeah, even though celebrity news is seen as the wicked stepsister of the media industry, it still has its good qualities, too.

It houses jobs for entertainment writers, and it keeps people from going into information overload from too much smart media.

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Celebrity scandals put before real world issues in time of turmoil