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Parking an issue for some students at BC

Sandra G. Ward

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I am not usually one to complain much, but after surviving another parking lot frenzy when another student forced me to slam on my brakes, cutting right in front of me in order to snag the very last spot closest to campus; there were a number of thoughts that began to surface in my mind which I am now able to impose upon our readers regarding the parking situation at Bakersfield College.

It turned out that on that day – and what seems like every other day – I ended up having to park in the free parking area of the southwest parking lot on campus. It seems as though the parking permit I purchased for this semester has been nothing more than a complete waste of money.

I was forced to walk to class, and, by the time I reached my classroom destination after walking what felt like a mile or more from where I had to park my car, I could almost see a spark of validity in the action of that student who cut me off that day.

That might not seem such a great challenge for many young students on campus, but for one of the older adult students attending BC it can become a bit of a challenge.

I believe that BC should consider providing some kind of accommodations to make it easier for students who have a more difficult time getting around.

A shuttle service sounds like a good idea to me.

It makes me feel like my parking permit has no value. Isn’t that why we purchase a parking permit – to ensure that we are able to park where it best suits to be closest to our classes?

Shuttle service could also be of some benefit to those who have late classes ending late in the evening when the parking lots are cleared?and leaving students forced to walk a distance in darkened, desolate parking areas where there isn’t enough security.

I’ve been there too, and it made me nervous.

Perhaps funds could be provided to develop some type of shuttle service through funds received for the parking permit purchases.

As long as there are so many students enrolled at Bakersfield College, the parking situation could never be altered to specifically accommodate those students who make the effort to purchase a parking permit. Maybe it would be fair to no longer require the purchase of parking permits and students could be reimbursed for those purchased this semester. It’s not like I get to use mine anyway.

There is something that is just not right about charging students for parking space already occupied and may never even be available to them the entire semester.

With some kind of shuttle service, at least everyone will have a chance to be provided easier access to class. Or, do we students who may be a little older, have to try and get help from the disabled students program who might just see a little irony in the request for accessibility because we are too tired to make it to class.

Instead of charging students for parking space that the school simply does not have enough of, they can charge a fee for the use of the shuttle service. Not every student will have the need for the service, but at least those who do will get a better chance of receiving it.

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Parking an issue for some students at BC