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COLUMN: The Style channel is really not too stylish

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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The Style channel is my favorite channel, but I have many complaints about it, especially because it’s called the Style channel.

When I hear Style channel, I automatically think that all the shows on the channel are about fashion.

That’s my biggest problem with the channel; most of the shows aren’t about fashion.

Some shows kind of fit the description of the Style channel.

They have a featured reality series called “Jerseylicious”, a show based on all the drama that goes on in a hair salon called the Gatsby in New Jersey.

“Jerseylicious” is fascinating with all the makeup, hairstyles, and events they do, but their style is hideous.

Olivia and Tracy are the focus cast of the show.

They’re both hair and makeup artists that hate each other and fight with each other during and after work.

I think they should just get over their differences and become friends.

They would probably be fantastic friends if they could share their terrible fashion together.

Olivia and Tracy’s fashion are all about zebra prints, sparkle, chunky plastic jewelry, and over-sized nails, as if they don’t look fake enough with the big hair and over done makeup.

They look as if a 13-year-old went on a shopping spree and handed over their wardrobe.

One show that has a really good style of fashion is “How Do I Look.”

The host of “How Do I Look” always looks great and has the trendiest outfits on as she tells people how bad their style is and that it needs to change.

The women who go on the show are always women who dress horribly.

These are 30-year-old women who don’t wear bras, they don’t comb their hair, they wear pajamas every day in public, or they dress like hookers.

Along with their awful taste in style, they always have some kind of characteristic problem, like they’re depressed, they don’t want to have friends, they think they’re defying society, or they have low self-esteem.

At the end of the show, the women always seem glad that their friends or family put them on the show to give them a new makeover.

My only problem with the show (beside it being incredibly cheesy) is that the show is making weird people look normal and throwing them into society so us normal people have to deal with them.

When people are dressed weird, it’s probably because they are weird and normal people know to stay away from those people.

There are a few other shows that have a fashionable focused cast like “Sex and the City” and “Big Rich Texas” which is basically about rich women that have some kind of drama between themselves and men.

I can see the connection to the Style channel with these two shows, but what the heck does “Supernanny” have to do with the Style channel?

“Tia & Tamera”, “Giuliana & Bill” and “Clean House” have nothing to do with style.

I say leave all of these other shows to the Bravo channel and keep the Style channel about style.

Once they do, we will all have a channel dedicated to the one thing we love instead of watching poorly-raised children.

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COLUMN: The Style channel is really not too stylish