LETTER: BC classrooms don’t follow fire safety codes

Donna Hamm, Psychology Major

Dear Editor,

Fire safety is the concern and responsibility of everyone. It has come to my attention that the computer lab and other library lower floor areas are unsafe, especially for physically challenged people. Take for instance the classroom and office of professor Adie Geiser.
Geiser’s classroom has an abundance of unused chairs and in the event of a fire the ensuing panic may very well leave him trapped in the classroom. On any given day, Geiser must move the chairs just to get to the front of the classroom. In the event of an emergency, this would be difficult at best.
I have also noticed that his office is located next to the computer commons where there are a number of office chairs used by students. In the event of a fire, the likely scenario that the students will leave chairs out, making it near impossible for a wheelchair to get through the area.
I am deeply concerned with the access paths of this area and highly recommend that the school make the following corrections:
1. Remove the excess chairs from the classroom.
2. Move the computers that are in front of Geiser’s office back five feet.
3. Hold monthly fire drills and have a safety monitor observe the flow of evacuation to ensure that everyone will have the ability to get out.
4. Use a daily walkthrough chart to ensure that there are no safety hazards.

Donna Hamm
Psychology Major