COLUMN: Tights are not pants

Patricia Rocha, Features Editor

The naked emperor called and he wants his pants back.

Tights are not pants. I find it highly disappointing that I will repeat this sentence multiple times in the following column, but as spring approaches and everyone starts adjusting their wardrobes, I just know I will see someone trying to wear tights as pants.

Let’s get something straight first of all, I am not against tights. I am not against leggings. Heck, I’m not even against a comfortable and cute pair of jeggings!

But I am definitely against the amazing amount of fashion crime that is happening when people are wearing tights and leggings alone as a substitute for bottoms.

First off, wearing tights and leggings alone is not at all flattering on any body type.

Tights cling to the body and leave little to the imagination.

They were literally created to be worn underneath clothing for modesty and now they’re being used for the exact opposite.

A few years ago, visible panty lines were one of the biggest fashion blunders, but now it’s totally acceptable for visible butt-cheek lines? If Pippa Middleton can’t pull it off, I promise you no one can.

Tights are not pants, and they are also not some magic way of getting away with wearing a dress or skirt that’s too short.

Sure, they look great and add interest to an outfit, but if you’re wearing them as a backup for a skirt that’ll obviously ride up when you lean, bend or sit, just get a longer skirt.

With all of the amazing fashionable choices out there, I don’t understand why people would wear tights and leggings on their own.

There are hundreds of different types of tights and leggings, and you can pair them with virtually any type of outfit so the possibilities are endless.

You can wear them on their own with any style skirt: pencil, full, or mini (but not too mini).

Lots of people can pull off the shorts and tights combo too, usually if the shorts and tights are both pretty plain.

Vibrant colored or patterned tights work well with a simple outfit too, but if you want to downplay the attention factor, you can wear them under ripped jeans to show just a subtle peak of the accessory.

Tights are so versatile you can even layer them under knee or thigh high socks to keep warm in in-between season weather.

Many people find that fishnets and lace tights are pretty, but not school and work appropriate, but you can usually get away with it if you wear them in a skin-tone color or layer them over a pair of colored, opaque tights.

There are just so many possibilities that it’s baffling anyone would wear them on their own as bottoms.

There is just so much fashion potential being wasted and modesty being lost when there doesn’t have to be.

Just as you would not wear gloves as socks and jeans as a scarf, do not wear tights and leggings as pants.