Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comments are ignorant

Todd Akin's 'legitimate rape' comments are ignorant

Todd Akin’s statements about sexual assault and reproductive issues were oblivious and offensive.

Metiqua Eng, Reporter

Just when I thought chivalry wasn’t dead and that America was getting back to “serving the people,” another politician comes along with snide remarks and an inconsiderate attitude toward women.

Todd Akin’s remarks on abortion and claims that women can’t get pregnant from rape unless it’s “legitimate rape”, is completely naïve and beyond ignorant.

What’s the difference between rape and “legitimate rape?” Any action in which somebody is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do sexually is rape.

His statements are a complete example of a chauvinistic mentality and the reason why women in this day and age still feel halted by the hand of men, constantly slapping them down.

The topic of abortion is already a fragile subject to be discussing, let alone throwing the topic of rape on top of it. It’s a slap to rape survivors in which Akin lacks any evidentiary support to provide reasoning for his malicious commentary.

It amazes me the amount of ignorance that spews from the mouth of men in politics concerning abortion and the concept of telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body.

Are we really in a position to make history repeat itself and suppress the voice of the American woman?

Although it has been about 90 years since the 19th Amendment was passed, where women gained a right to vote and to have a voice within politics, the shallow-minded men of our own government continue to be oblivious to women’s rights.

As far as I’m concerned, I believe that his comments shouldn’t be accepted.

Not only has he offended women of this country, but most importantly women of this country who have been molested and raped.

There is no coming back from such an ignorant comment, especially when you’re a politician and in the public eye.

Even though it has been proven that the percentage of women getting pregnant from rape is low, it still happens and it should completely be a woman’s decision on how to handle a situation that deals with her own body.

It sounds like he needs a deeper respect for women rape victims, and needs to instill within himself some education on a topic he wants to discuss publicly.

I’m pretty sure that Akin has a mother who is a female and that if his own family were victims of a violent rape he wouldn’t be so quick to spill ignorance out of his own lips.

Moral of the story: think before you speak.