LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rebuttal to teacher offers a new view on Prop. 37

Robert M. Trabin


As a professor who teaches about food and nutrition at Bakersfield College, David Lightsey commented in the Oct. 17 edition of The Rip that he feels that students need to be more informed about Proposition 37.

On that we are in agreement, but not according to the information that he gave.  Let me cut right to the chase.

For anyone wishing to get the full nitty gritty on the truth about GMO’s, please go directly to this site and watch this very informative movie: http://geneticroulettemovie.com

It should provide any questions and answers on this vital subject that anyone might have. It was produced by Jeffrey Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception” and a leading advocate for labeling of GMO’s to protect consumers and our right to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies.
The article points out that Mr. Lightsey claims many of his students are misinformed and he then proceeded to give them misinformation!

With all due respect, that wasn’t very polite.

He states that genetically modified foods are not harmful to people and are actually helpful to them.  He describes the gene splicing technique as a fairly pleasant sounding, innocuous thing to help the world grow crops better, to make them last longer, etc.

What he failed to mention is the aspect of Monsanto’s Roundup (the herbicide, called glyphosate) that has actually made weeds even more resistant than before, as well as the insecticide aspect that is injected into the seed (not just sprayed on them).

This has been found to create pesticide factories inside the guts of cattle that feed on the grains containing these GMO’s.  The toxins tend to persist through this process and farmers discover their cattle to get sick and die or become sterile.

What happens when people consume the meat from these GMO fed cattle, not to mention the 9 different crops that are GMO?

The above movie will give these details.
Mr. Lightsey also claims that the costs of food will significantly rise if Prop. 37 passes.

Manufacturers type labels all the time on their products.  To make a new one costs virtually nothing, as all they have to do is type a few different letters to add on to their next package before they print it.
The reporter stated that he also made this claim:  ‘The use of genetically modified foods is what allows big food business to prosper.’

Oops!  Let’s try that again:  The use of genetically modified foods is what allows big chemical companies to prosper!  There. That’s better, or is it?

The costs to farmers have actually increased, due to Monsanto’s patents of the once natural seeds that formerly could be re-planted each season.

Now Monsanto’s contracts with the farmers binds them to re-purchase new seeds every season.

More profits for Monsanto-less profits for farmers=higher food costs for consumers.
Mr. Lightsey also states there are no scientific backing for Prop. 37.

Again, if you watch the above movie or read “Seeds of Deception” and check out this site: www.responsibletechnology.org, you’ll find that there are many scientists who speak out against GMO’s as appalling and dangerous. Fortunately, it also talks about solutions, not just the problem.
Of course, I would truly hope that this professor is just himself not fully informed, but has good intentions for the rest of humanity.

Maybe, he will also view this data that is readily available to anyone who wishes to make an informed choice.
In my opinion, this issue and voting yes on Prop. 37 are of the utmost importance to our health, well-being, longevity and for the survival of our future generations. Learn well and do the right thing, my friends!  Thank you.

Robert M. Trabin