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Barack Obama is once again the president of the United States, and with that comes a big responsibility on us, the citizens. The president cannot single handedly change the economy, education, health care or war.

We, as citizens, have the responsibility to push for the right moves to be made, to make our voices heard so he knows what it is we want. If you voted for Mitt Romney or another one of the candidates on the ballot, it doesn’t mean you have to drop out of politics or threaten to leave the country like most say. Just like Romney and Obama talked of wanting to work with each other in their final speeches on Nov. 6, we must also cooperate despite the fact that our candidate of choice may not have won.

If you believe that the economy has a major issue, and something is not being done about it, then you must organize with those who share your views and make a statement loud enough to be heard in Washington.

This must be done with every issue. The government works for the people, and we must never lose sight of that.

The most common idea in America is that we are a true democracy, and many believe that by voting we exercise our democratic ideologies, but to be a true democracy we have to go beyond the vote.

This is a call for direct action, for a more hands-on involvement by the people in order to let those in power know that they represent us, and we are the ones in charge of our futures.

Obama is simply just another face for the world to point at when it comes to American politics, and he is a brave man to take on that responsibility.

These racial slurs, accusations of extremist religious values and accusations of dangerous political beliefs all need to stop against President Obama.
He is first and foremost an American leader, and if he had any sort of dangerous ties we would have never let him touch our politics, or at least we shouldn’t have.

That is why the people are important. Yes, congratulations to Obama on his re-election, but the true outcome of these next four years depend on the people. It’s our turn to show the world what we are really made of, and live up to the name of America being the best country in the world.

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