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Wings are the thing

Bertin Rodriguez, Online Editior

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Football season started Sept. 5 and what does every party need during your favorite football team’s game?

Chicken wings.

Do you know where to find the best chicken wings in town? Probably not, but you are not alone and up until now I included myself in this category. I had the pleasure of trying three of the best chicken wing restaurants in town according to Yelp. House of Wings and Boba Drinks, King’s Wings and Just Wing It are at the top of the pack when you search the Yelp website.  I ordered 10 wings from each restaurant and in two flavors, mild and lemon pepper.  These three restaurants go head to head and there can only be one winner.

House of Wings and Boba Drinks is a small restaurant tucked away in a small shopping center, located at 3541 Panama Lane. It only took about 15 minutes to get my order and I was excited to try their lemon pepper wings. The wings were visually appealing from the size of the wings, to how perfectly fried and saucy they looked. I took my first bite and was greeted with very juicy, tender meat, along with a great amount of flavor. It had a great balance of lemon and pepper something the other two restaurants did not have with their versions of the lemon pepper wings. After the lemon pepper, I was ready for the mild chicken wings. The mild wings were just as juicy and also had great flavor. They weren’t spicy at all but did have a heavy taste of salt to them, something I didn’t experience with the lemon pepper wings. The mild wings were also in need of more sauce because I enjoy chicken wings to be very saucy like the lemon pepper ones. Overall, House of Wings and Boba Drinks had juicy, huge, and flavorful wings.

King’s Wings is located at 1837 Niles Street. It only took about 10 minutes to get my order and was ready to dig into these wings.  These wings were the biggest of all the wings I tried and they had a bunch of sauce on them. I tried the lemon pepper wings first and these wings had a good bite to them. The wings had great flavor and were juicy. The only problem I had with the lemon pepper wings was that they didn’t have enough lemon flavor. The pepper overpowered the little lemon flavor they had. Next I turned my focus to the mild wings, hoping for a better experience than I had with the lemon pepper wings. The mild wings were amazing! They had good spice and lots of flavor. I really enjoyed the mild flavor they had and found myself eating all five wings. I had a rough experience with the lemon pepper wings but glad they won me back with the mild wings.

Just Wing it is located at 4725 Panama Lane, in a large shopping center.  The service here was slow, taking about 25 minutes to get my order out. They had only one waitress and a full bar so the wait time was excusable. The wings here had the right amount of sauce on them but the wings were the smallest of all three places I visited. This concerned me because they were also the most expensive of the group at almost $9. This time I tried the mild wings first and when I bit into my first wing, it was a little dry. The mild sauce had great flavor but not enough to counterbalance the dryness of the wing. I then turned to the lemon pepper hoping for the best and was greeted with a really good flavor. They had a good balance of lemon and pepper and were very crispy.  The lemon pepper wings were also a little dry but the lemon helped with masking it. Just Wing It has very good things about their wings but there are things that can’t be overlooked like the dryness of their wings.

It was a great battle and now I must choose the winner. The best lemon pepper wings goes to House of Wings and Boba Drinks. These wings were firing on all cylinders and I highly recommend them. The best mild wings go to King’s Wings. They are very generous with the sauce and the size of the wings, making them a must try.  “The Battle of Wings” must have one winner and that winner goes to House of Wings and Boba Drinks. Overall they had the best wings and at $8 you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy great chicken wings.



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Wings are the thing