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End the SGA drama, get back to work

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The recent shake-up in the Student Government Association has brought a small limelight to our elected representatives, and it is for all the wrong reasons. As reported by The Rip, SGA became embroiled in personal politics during the last few weeks.
Executive members of that association presented documents in open meetings with accusations against the president, and the president defended himself for what some construed as offenses against the SGA.
Bickering among officials led to censure documents, which when followed through eventually results in impeachment, brought against the SGA president. The charges levied by members of SGA against the president seemed petty and personal, and likewise the president responded with equally petty statements directed toward other members of the SGA. Instead he should have acted in accordance with his position and his duties.
Although it is a community college, our SGA does actually matter and it would be refreshing if they spent time trying to work for students. Even if this whole petty process only detracted from real SGA duties for a small amount of time, it is still too much time spent wasted.
The circus that was these actions was a waste of time that could have been spent actually planning and implementing programs or services that benefit students. The fact that SGA executives are committed to pursuing these trivial matters only furthers their reputation toward student apathy.
A constant complaint among the revolving SGA is that students simply aren’t motivated to care about what transpires during SGA meetings. If SGA wants to inspire their constituents on this campus, prove it to us. Silence the in-house drama and focus on what you are there for.
Table everything that does not affect students. Among other things, this means quell your personality conflicts and demonstrate that you have the capacity to act as adults do in elected positions. If it means swallowing your pride and conceding fault, than do just that.
Although it may seem as if the majority of students are apathetic to the inner-workings of student government, there is a city within a city that does concern themselves with SGA matters.
The current senators serving for SGA are getting the worst type of example to pattern. SGA executives must lead by example, not just for senators but students as well. The only way to enact meaningful programs, services and events is to lead by example and rally the student body behind strong leadership that can separate personal problems from legitimate issues facing the campus and students as a whole.

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End the SGA drama, get back to work