ISIS crisis putting the US in a politcal pickle CON


Graham C Wheat

Monique Hansen-Garcia, Reporter

For many years America fought the war in Iraq. As a country, we have much more dangerous perils lying ahead. Rather than trying to govern the Middle East, we should focus on the numerous veterans that need our attention, rather than sending more troops to continue to give ISIS, and other terrorist groups more power.

We have weakened our troops by constant deployment. If we try to stop, control or contain the terrorist extremist group ISIS, we will lose the most precious thing we have, our home, as we know it.

Our troops should never be deployed to bomb, kill and destroy others’ homes to begin with.

We have fought too much. Getting involved in fighting ISIS, we will begin World War III. And ISIS troops will have the advantage of attacking us on our own soil.

Unemployment rates, bankruptcies, loan defaults, and homelessness are just a few of the issues here in America that should be addressed, along with basic programs needing much more advancement.

Schools can always use more money to fuel future generations, instead of spending more time, money, and not to mention our young men and women sacrificing lives and limbs. This only funds a hate war.

This war is fueled by hate, and no one is winning. The ground that has been taken over by America is still fought with more opposition and innocent people are sacrificing their lives and livelihoods by being bombed by terrorists.

To lose the power is the real loss of the war. As long as we overwork those who are deployed, we are also weakening our overall standing in our defense system.

The men and women who come home are mentally impaired and shell-shocked from seeing death on a constant basis and have mental disabilities along with physical problems. The conditions are the least favorable and it is ludicrous to send more to suffer the aftermaths of war.

Our troops should never be deployed to bomb, kill, and destroy others’ homes to begin with. We have fought too many wars and battles to even think about policing the Middle East any further, especially against a group like ISIS that will without a doubt respond by bringing the war to American soil.

We have already been spending trillions a day on the supposed war against terror. With this war we have only created the powers that are in position by killing all the other competition that they had. Even al-Qaida has publically cut ties or association to ISIS. The group is closing in on Iraq and Syria, and for us to get involved would mean a deployment into a country we had said to be rid of terrorists.

Reported in June 2014, 4,000 ISIS fighters were counted, and in August 2014, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had claimed 50,000 fighters in Iraq and 30,000 in Syria. The more we bomb and destroy, the more people will join against us in opposition. ISIS is gaining power by the hate for Americans because we kill innocent people when we fight wars against countries ruled by tyranny.

War has no winner. America is tired of losing. The American people are those who are suffering the consequences, along with the people of the foreign countries.