Cat calls not compliments; be nice or no dice

Brooke Howard, Reporter

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Catcalling will never get you anywhere, especially not laid.

What is Catcalling you ask? Catcalling is when a person – usually male – gives a whistle or yell at another person – usually female – for the purpose of getting attention and in hopes of a future hookup. This is usually done out of the window of a car or surrounded by the caller’s equally uninventive friends.

To clarify, a compliment and a catcall are two separate things. A compliment is vocalizing a nice, little thought you had about someone. A catcall is harassing someone publicly with usually not nice intentions.

Some people, who usually lack social skills, feel like it’s okay to give a “compliment” in the form of a whistle or retort to another person walking by. As a female, all it does for me is make me feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Turned into a piece of visual meat for someone you don’t know. Reduced down to nothing more than a sexual object and told so in public. I mean catcalling is not about flattery; it’s not making us feel cool and special. If you want to make another person feel cool and special, try giving them the respect they deserve.

Most catcalls addressed to women do not sound like the following: “Wow girl! The way you hold those books is amazing,” “Man would I love to take you out to a nice steak dinner,” “Whoa you are the type of girl I’d take home to meet the parents!” No. We don’t get the pleasure of that. We get “Damn girl,” “Hey sexy,” and much cruder things that I don’t think should get the pleasure of addressing.

And I will say this: it’s not just males who have the power to make sexual retorts. I have been known to lower my glasses a bit when one of you fine fellows has walked by in some athletic gear or a suit and tie. Luckily, I stopped and realized, what if I walked by in a dress and he did that to me?

The other day I saw a group of the opposite sex watching me walking and I immediately felt dread. I had to walk past them; there was no other way. I used my books to cover any body parts that might lead to the inevitable glances. As I walked past, the insane happened. A member of the male species gave me a compliment – a real compliment.

He said, “Wow, you are so pretty! And I like your Vans,” and gave me a warm smile. After that, they all shook my hand and introduced themselves. It’s sad I had this preconceived idea they would demean me. What I did next might shock you; I gave that guy my number.

What we have today is a lack of social skills and respect for each other, especially in regard to sex. The next time your loins stir at the sight of someone in public, why don’t you calm down, go up and pay them a nice, little compliment. It might brighten their day and your chances of getting to know this person. In my opinion, be respectful to people and people will respect you in return.



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