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Mixing college with dating: Con

K.E. Petersen, Reporter

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Dating another student while in college should be avoided as much as possible.

While in college, students meet new people. They create new bonds and relationships with those who they get along with.

Long lasting relationships have been forged from the fire that burns during their college years. But what is at stake?

While some students can get along well while dating in college, for the vast majority, distraction is the cost.

Sitting in class, thinking about the one with whom you are with can cause you to drift off with thoughts about them and not pay attention in class. You can end up missing important lectures or information that could be on tests or a midterm. Spending a lot of time with the person who you are dating can interfere with homework and study time. Dating in college can slow your progress in class and possibly even cause you to drop out or fail.

I know this one student who is not only dating while in college, but he is dating a girl in one of his classes. Because of this relationship, he is doing badly in his class. Because she didn’t have a textbook that was required for the class, he gave his copy to her. Now he is not able to do the assignments. He knows he is going to fail the class but says he does not mind as long as she passes, which means her education is more important to him than his own.

Also, while in other classes, he thinks about her constantly. He has even admitted to losing out on homework time to spend time with her and not hearing a lot of what some of his instructors have said in class.

“Yes, I text her while in class and I get distracted, but I really care for this girl,” this student said. “And it’s not like I can’t retake the class if I need to. She is more important to me than school is.”

Would you risk failing a class over a relationship that you can start later instead of during your college career? There is no logical sense in that.

Another student that I know has dropped out of school because she started dating a guy who went to college with her and she got pregnant. During her third semester of college, she had to drop out because of the pregnancy. Now her college career and ultimately her professional future are on hold.

“I don’t know if I will be going back to college,” she said. “When the baby is born, I will be a full time mother. So I may not have time for school.”

And where is the baby’s father? He bailed on her. He is still in college while his unborn child and the mother are struggling.”

“I didn’t try to get her pregnant,” he told me. “And I cannot put my future on hold for something that was a mistake in the first place. I should have worried more about school and not the girl.”

He couldn’t even remember her name.

A college education is important in the professional world. It should never be compromised for anyone else.

I believe that friendships are good relationships to have in college. And you can be friends with the person while in college and create something more once you both graduate.

Waiting for a romantic relationship is far safer and better for your college career. You should wait until you have the time to focus on the other person without risking your education.

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Mixing college with dating: Con