Finally, spring is here

Staff Editorial

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Spring is here, and that can only mean one thing: fun.

There are many reasons that spring can bring joy to us. California has some of the best spring weather in the country, and we are lucky to be living here. Although Bakersfield can get extremely hot during the summer time, the spring offers some of the best weather.

Around campus, we can see that spring is a perfect time for students to be fashionable. In the early spring mornings, the weather can require a student to walk out of the house in a pair of shorts and possibly a long sleeve T-shirt. Gym clothes are also a very popular spring time wear. So it is safe to say that spring offers us the type of weather that allows us to wear almost anything, and be comfortable doing so.

Another plus that spring can offer is that needed break between the semester, for us college students, also known as spring break. Last week’s spring break allowed Bakersfield College students to get away from the classroom. With Bakersfield located in the heart of California, there are many things and places for us to enjoy.

The Pacific Coast beaches and the beautiful city of Los Angeles are located about two and a half hours west or south, depending on your destination, and the Bay Area is located about five hours northwest. San Diego is also about four hours south. These are just some locations around us that we have access to.

If the drives to these locations are too long, there are other places in our own backyard. For instance, the Remington Hot Springs located right off the CA-178 going east. The hot springs offer a relaxed environment, a short drive, and a cheap alternative to some get away fun.

Spring time also offers students to support their school at sporting events.

Baseball, track and field, swimming, are some events that Bakersfield College students can attend. If you’re a student who doesn’t like watching community college sports then there are other alternatives, such as professional sports in town such as the Bakersfield Blaze baseball team.

Spring time can also mean the start of barbecue season.

Fire up those grills, whether it’s propane or charcoal, all you Bobby Flay wannabes, this is the perfect time to put those skills to the test.

Family get-togethers or even Easter Sunday offer a perfect time to spend it out in the sun eating good food. There just don’t seem to be too many negatives to spring, outside of the fact that summer is just around corner.

For some, summer time in Bakersfield totally blows because of the heat. But if that is the only negative thing about spring, then overall, it is one of the best well-rounded seasons for us.