Partying is done for spring break

Vanessa A. Munoz, Opinions Editor

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Is spring break dead? Growing up, I remember watching MTV and seeing all the craziness that would happen during spring break, yet lately there hasn’t been much fuss in the music world over it, which makes me wonder what happened.

During spring break I waited to see what would happen in the music media world but found nothing. The typical college student was either on vacation or working. As I asked around what people were doing for spring break, most answered with nothing. One thing I did notice was music artists were releasing their albums before spring break but not that many were performing during spring break.

If you found yourself in Vegas, it wasn’t the concerts that caught the attention of the public, it was the shows and comedy acts that seemed to be the attraction. This information of course came from me asking around. And there is the annual MTV spring break that usually displays half-naked barely legal females and young men who are barely old enough to drink getting all crazy and loose while on vacation from school, home and work.

There is also the spring break concert that country music artist Luke Bryant puts on every year, but 2015 is said to be his last spring break performance at Miami Beach. According to the Country Music Billboard list, his spring break album from last year came in at the top of the country chart over spring break this year, along with his new album.

Over the years, events and social functions usually progress, but for spring break, the events seem to be dying down as people are not wanting to participate in spring break functions or do not have the funds to participate.

According to ABC News, Miami is tired of the drugs, alcohol, and partying that takes over the beaches every year during spring break. As certain states are regulating new laws and rules just for spring break, the public may be finding the event as an inconvenience. The problem is not just the students, but how crazy people get in general during spring break. It’s not just alcohol and drugs that are the problem, but sexual assault and shootings happen that cause arrests to be at an all-time high during spring break each year.

I guess artists are aware of these troubles and no longer line up to be on stage performing for a bunch of college drunks.

So what is next for spring breakers in the future? At the rate of these new laws and regulations that are going to be enforced by certain states, it doesn’t look good for spring break in the future.

Artists are no longer performing and instead are having their own fun with their families and friends while posting pictures on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There is no longer a party going on at every other beach around the world, but spring break is still celebrated by almost every country as all students can agree on the much-needed break that it has to offer.

My thoughts are everywhere when it comes to the decline in partying during spring break. Are students getting too tired to party? Are financial difficulties becoming that hard on Americans? If these problems do exist for students now, then spring break will soon not exist.