Wrongful labeling in music

Vanessa A. Munoz, Opinions Editor

Why do people feel it is necessary to give everything a label? Understanding why there are so many music genres is unnecessary. If you look up music genres you will see the multiple labels there are for each type of music.

The different names of these genres are just as ridiculous as the amount of them there are. Some of these names aren’t even names. They are activities that the type of music supposedly inspires people to become active in or think about.

Genres that include Exercise music to Inspirational music, and Trap music (trance, tech, dance music) to Kindy music (children’s music). What quite a few people, including myself, wonder is why even give a label to a form of music that already has a music type and give it a different name just because there is a little twist in how the music is performed or played?

It is not hard to see why music is progressing since all things usually get better over time. People are always looking for something new, and are always trying to create different things in order to catch the public’s attention.

Sometimes when you’re looking up music online, you might enter Rock, but what you get are sounds of techno and amplified electronic notes just to realize you’re listening to what is considered TimeLord Rock music. You might get some vocals if there are any on that track and technically that form is not even considered real TimeLord Music.

Another genre of music has R&B, Jazz, Soul, Poetry, Acoustic, and Talk all mixed into one and it’s called Psychedelic Soul music, which, honestly, isn’t that bad.

These are just a few examples of only some of the different music genres I have come across. It is interesting to hear these types of music especially from the different countries some of these genres come from.

All of these different talents are taken into consideration when it comes to wondering why there are different names and labels for music that sometimes does not even match up with its genre. How can music with a techno and electronic tone even be considered Rock music? Or how can Soul music even include such a strong bass that takes the song to a different level other than soft, sultry, and mellow?

While trying to understand these reasons for the butchering of certain genres, the question of whether or not these genres are legitimate or just an alternate reason to create music that is crap and play it off to the world as real music.

If a band creates Rock music, Jazz, Rap, Country, or even Techno and it sounds weird and like a completely different genre of music, then do the world a favor and just call it crap and let them start over. Criticism is not bad and should be considerable especially when dealing with music.

Hopefully, they will learn and progress in that style of music and create not just something different, new, and unique, but they will have perfected that style to their ability and will be able to give the people what they want, which is real music. Slapping a label on a style doesn’t mean it is real music and if it’s not real music, it shouldn’t be considered music at all.