Heavy books, heavy prices, bring heavy worries and lighter wallets

Hugo Jauregui

Victoria Miller, Reporter

The fact that our campus bookstore is more expensive than mostly any other book vendor makes students question why.

To most students, it doesn’t make sense that we are asked to pay so much for a necessary item to succeed in college on our own campus.

I guess the extra expense is supposed to be a convenience cost because students don’t have to travel further than the campus for their books.

However, I disagree because going to the campus bookstore is anything but convenient.

A trip to the campus book store anytime during the first two or three weeks of the semester is enough to drive a person insane.

The line is out the door and everyone is in a hurried frenzy to get what he or she needs and get out as soon as possible. Except no one gets out until they’ve spent at least a half an hour waiting in line because the place is such a chaotic mess.

This should be enough reasons to refrain from buying from Barnes and Noble on campus and buy elsewhere.

Barnes and Noble also boasts about buying textbooks back.

This is comforting to students who pay hundreds of dollars on books until they try to sell their books back.

Most students are appalled when they are offered only a tiny fraction of what they originally paid or that the store is not buying the book altogether because of newer editions, regardless of the condition of the book.

The unnecessary extra cost students are spending on books is only benefiting an over a billion dollar corporation. Barnes and Noble is highly benefitting from its college locations while students are paying the price. Students should save their money and buy or rent elsewhere.