BC students receive jobs and work experience

Victoria Miller, Opinions Editor

A new program, Promising Professionals, was implemented over the 2015 summer semester, which gives students work experience and prepares them for success in the work place.

Odella Johnson, Director of the new program Equity and Inclusions, said the Promising Professionals program was inspired by Equity and Inclusions mission to serve students.

Johnson said, “I envisioned it as recognizing the value of students… We want to use these students as ambassadors to promote value and appreciation for our students through equity.”

Johnson said the students involved in the project have shown indicators of success, such as course completion and certificate attainment.

According to Johnson, Equity and Inclusion wants to promote indicators and believes all students have promise.

Johnson said this program will help her honor students and it encourages them to prove themselves.

Tamika Payne, the student lead of Promising Professionals, explained what the project does for students.

“We use Promising Professionals as part of an on and off campus program which builds their skills. We want to take them to the next level, by employing them, giving them a paycheck, and work experience,” said Payne.

According to Payne, Promising Professionals adds a personal touch to the BC campus.

Payne said, “I’m very proud of each and every one of our Promising Professionals, and I’m proud to be apart of their lives and their success.”

For more information about Equity and Inclusion and the Promising Professionals program, visit bakersfieldcollege.edu/student/equity-and-inclusion.