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Cooper depicts intense top chef

Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

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The new movie “Burnt” starring Bradley Cooper exceeded my expectations and was put together quite nicely.

Bradley Cooper plays a former top chef Adam Jones, from Paris, whose drug and alcohol problems caused him to go sour and do some things he wasn’t proud of. Jones is after his third Michelin star, which is a high-level food critic, and three stars is the best rating a chef can get.

After getting sober, Jones decides to take a risk and reconnect with some people from his past to help him achieve his dream of being a three Michelin star chef. Thing is that Jones didn’t exactly leave on good terms with these people from his past, who think that he must be drunk or on drugs for him to even begin showing his face. Jones goes through a transformation during his journey while trying to achieve the third Michelin star.

When I think of Bradley Cooper, I think of “The Hangover” movies, which are funny and wild. I knew “Burnt” was going to have a more serious mood than “The Hangover” movies. I was used to seeing Cooper in a certain type of role and I didn’t know how well he would pull off a top chef. Surprisingly, Cooper pulled of the part of a serious, stuck up, cocky, and confident top chef almost seamlessly.

I thought the way the movie was filmed was well thought out, along with the soundtrack. With the movie taking a more serious approach to life, it stays light-hearted with little jokes and funny situations thrown into the mix. With the use of detail shots and close up during the preparation and cooking in the kitchen, it made me feel like I was in there with them, and definitely made me hungrier than I was before. I thought that the kitchen scenes were definitely a highlight. When Jones freaks out on the other chefs, it gave me a feeling of intensity, and made me feel a little bit sympathetic for the other chefs.

When I saw the trailer to this movie, I noticed there was going to be some type of romance going to happen, just like every Hollywood-movie. From the beginning of the movie, Jones takes a liking to Sienna Miller. Miller plays Helene, an aspiring chef in a kitchen and one of his past friends. He gets her to come cook in his kitchen, and there is definitely something there, but they don’t spend a bunch of time on it, which was nice. They didn’t ruin the movie by making it all about love.

“Burnt” is a good and entertaining movie, with good acting and worth taking your time to go see.

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Cooper depicts intense top chef