Flu shots: Pro

Mason J. Rockfellow, Photo Editor

Many people argue whether a flu shot is worth getting. Some say it doesn’t work, and a lot of people, such as myself, say it does work.

From my experiences with flu shots, it seems to get the job done. Even though you usually get a mild cold or illness a few weeks after getting the flu shot, it has prevented me from getting the flu.

When I was young, I wasn’t able to get flu shots because of my allergy to eggs, because the most common manufacturing process of the vaccines uses eggs.

Before I grew out of my egg allergy, I was almost certain to get the flu if it was prevalent in my area. Once I was able to get flu shots around the age of 12, I didn’t get the flu for about 11 years. I still believe the reason I got the flu 11 years later was because that year I decided I wasn’t going to get a flu shot since I had been lazy and didn’t make an appointment with my doctor.

It had been so long since I had gotten the flu that I thought it was just a bad cold and I would get over it in a few days. I was wrong. After letting a few days go by, I realized I wasn’t getting any better and decided to go in to the doctor. Sure enough, I had the flu that everyone was getting at the time, and let me tell you, it was terrible. The day I went into the doctor, they said I had a dangerous high temperature and should have gone to the doctor way before I decided to go. This means I was walking around at school and in public with the flu while highly contagious.

Due to that incident, I decided to get a flu shot the following year. I did get a cold a few weeks later, but I didn’t get the flu that year.

This brings me to my next reason for getting a flu shot. You shouldn’t just get a flu shot for your own benefit but for everyone’s benefit. If you don’t get the flu shot and do end up getting the flu, then you’re also exposing everyone around you to the flu as well.

With my experiences, I think that the flu shot is definitely worth getting when flu season comes around. It may not seem that important when the commercials and advertisements for flu shots start cycling through the media, but in reality it is probably a good idea to get one.

If you don’t get a flu shot, you may get lucky and not get the flu, but most likely you will get the flu and you’re going to have a terrible week or two of feeling like hell, frequently going from cold to hot and getting the chills, and the possibility a lot of puking.

If I were you I would head down to your doctor’s office or one of places giving out flu shots for cheap or possibly free.