Olympics: Is the rule change acceptable? (Con)

Mason J. Rockfellow, Editor in Chief


The word is out that the Olympics have changed its rules for transgender athletes. Now transgender athletes do not have to undergo reconstructive surgery and female to male transgender athletes do not have to show proof of higher testosterone levels for 12 months or longer. But male to female transgender athletes will still have to show lower testosterone levels for 12 months or longer.

Transgender issues have been coming into the limelight a lot more lately. From which bathrooms they can use, to guidelines transgender athletes must follow to competing in high-level sporting competitions.

Even though I do not think reconstructive surgery should be a prerequisite for transgender athletes, I do think testosterone level prerequisites should stay intact for both sides.

If you are going to compete in the Olympics, a worldwide sporting competition, I believe that it should be fair in all aspects.

Transgender athletes, whether it is female to male or male to female, should have to follow the same guidelines, not to single one out but to make it fair and safe.

Being a fan of sports and playing them myself, I find that men usually have more of an advantage to that of women when it comes to athletics. With the amount of testosterone produced by men’s and women’s bodies, it affects muscle mass, weight, ways of thinking, and with ways of thinking comes competitiveness.

To put women and men in the same competition bracket seems unreasonable, right? So why are the Olympics allowing women who identify as men to compete without any prerequisites? But males who identify as women must show that their testosterone levels have dropped to that of a female’s standard for at least 12 months to compete. I don’t think this is the least bit fair or safe, especially to the women who identify as men.

If transgender athletes male to female have to show that their testosterone levels have dropped to that of a female’s and has been for the last 12 months, then we should make transgender athletes female to male show that their testosterone has raised and is as high or close to that of a male for the last 12 months.

It is unfair for transgender athletes transitioning from male to female without proof of lower testosterone levels because it would give them an advantage and could possibly put other women at risk. If true, then why would we allow transgender athletes from female to male do so without such prerequisites?

I feel this would be putting female to male transgender athletes at a risk and at a disadvantage.

Whether you identify as female or a male, you were born with distinctive body parts and with those body parts a structure.

If my observations are correct, not all men, but cledarly a higher percentage of men are stronger and bigger than women.

So, if lowering testosterone for a male to female transgender athlete is supposed to make it fair and safer for the other women athletes, then women should raise their testosterone so that it is fair and safer for their own benefit.

Some may disagree and some might agree, but in the grand scheme of things both should be subjected to the same treatment no matter what the scientific world says.

If we want things to be fair and safe, then everyone should be held to the same standards. If having lower testosterone is a prerequisite for male to female transgender athletes then female to male transgender athletes should have to raise their testosterone levels.