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Cafeteria prices aren’t that bad

Freddie Ward, Reporter

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Take a second look at BC’s cafeteria’s prices. As a student, I thought, “wow,” I’m being hustled. I’m paying $6.20 for a hamburger combo, $6.90 for a chicken combo, $3.75 to $6.35 for a salad and $1.85 for cookies. So, I set out to see if I could get “more for less” on these combos, since these are the foods I purchase most often for lunch.

My first stop was McDonalds on Union Avenue. Their burger combo (burger, fries, and coke) ranged from $5.79 to $7.89, and a chicken sandwich combo is $5.89. Salads range from $2.99 to $5.79 and cookies are $1 to $4.39, depending on how many you purchase.

I thought I could beat McDonald’s prices, so off I went to Burger King. Burger King’s combos ranged from $6.30 to $7.99. I didn’t include the whopper jr. because it was small and not comparable to the BC hamburger. Chicken combos (chicken nuggets) are $5.36 to $7.51. Salads are $5.49 to $6.29, and their chocolate chip cookies (small) are 2 for $1.

After comparing BC’s prices to McDonalds and Burger King, overall, I found BC to be the lesser of the two.

I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted prices to be even lower. I decided to speak with BC’s food service department. According to Teresa Rodriguez, administrative assistant, hamburgers are made from 100% beef (no fillers added), chicken strips are cut from “whole” chickens. Rodriguez also said, soups are made with hand cut, fresh vegetables, and are made fresh daily and salads, sandwiches, cookies and desserts are made fresh every morning.

After speaking with Rodriguez, I realized I had not compared apples to apples. My next thought was to compare BC to Panera Bread and Lassen (both claim their food is prepared fresh daily and is additives free).

Panera and Lassen do not serve hamburgers or chicken combos. However; both serve chicken sandwiches. Panera’s chicken sandwich is $7.89 and Lassen’s is $7.69 and both are higher than BC’s chicken combo ($6.90).

If you purchase a salad from Panera, you will pay $6.99 to $8.99 depending on which salad you choose. Lassen’s salad is $7.99 per pound; you select and prepare your salad.

Cookies at Panera are $2.50 to $3.00 and Lassen’s are $2.49 to $3.99, both are higher than BC’s ($1.85).

What is my conclusion? Overall BC’s quality of food is equal to Panera and Lassen and the added bonus is BC’s prices are cheaper than both.

At this point, I think I will stop my “bitchin.”

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Cafeteria prices aren’t that bad